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Genealogy of the Defenbaugh family

The various Defenbaugh families today stem from many origins; our particular linage stems back to Conrad Tieffenbach. The short version of our family tree appears below. I only skimmed the material, so I've missed some of the dates, but much more information is available. The lineage is sufficiently well documented to gain my sister membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution organization, via her aunt, my father's sister.

Note that the spelling of Defenbaugh has changed somewhat over the years. In the early days, it wasn't even consistent within the same family. It's very possible that some individuals mentioned here spelled the name differently than I've shown.

If you are interested in the Defenbaugh Family Reunion, held each year in Illinois, you might contact Wanda D. Vaughan, 302 East Kent, B-1, Streator, IL, 61364, 815.673.1387. There is also a reunion in Pennsylvania, but our particular family has not been involved in that activity.

Johann Conrad Tieffenbach (1659 - 1737)

Born in Germany, Conrad came to America in 1710 with his wife, three daughters and mother. He was a cooper (barrel maker), and left Germany because of religious persecution. They first lived in Livingston Manor, NY, then Schoharie NY, and finally settled in Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania in 1723. A son, John Adam Tieffenbach, was probably born when they were at Schoharie. The names Dieffenbach and Tieffenbach are often used interchangeably. A detailed history of Johann Conrad Dieffenbach's life, and a translation of his will (originally written in German) can be found in the column to the right.

John Adam Tieffenbach (1712 - 1777)

John Adam helped to organize the Trinity Reformed Church of Tulpehocken, and served as trustee for many years. He had four sons, and all fought in the Revolutionary War. He signed his will as Adam Diefenbach.

George Dieffenbach (1741 - 1788)

George was born at Tulpehocken, but in 1770 he moved to Paxtang, three miles from Harrisburg, in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, where he owned 200 acres of land and a mill. He served in the Lancaster County Militia throughout the Revolutionary War.

George Defebaugh (1768 - 1849)

 George was born at Tulpehocken, but grew up at Paxtang. In 1803 he moved his family to Laurelville, Ohio, settling on Clear Creek in Hocking County.

Daniel K. Defenbaugh (1800 - 1885)

 Daniel K. was a mill-wright, operating a mill on Moccasin Run for many years. In the latter part of the War of 1812 he is said to have served as a drummer boy, the lobe of one ear being shot away at the battle of Mackinac Island.

George A. Defenbaugh (1826 - 1870)

 In 1851 George A. brought his family by covered wagon to Illinois, where he operated a blacksmith shop for many years in Reading. In 1856 he located on a farm in Prairie Creek.

Peter S. Defenbaugh (1852 - ?)

 The only one of the family to be born in Magnolia, Illinois.

Herbert H. Defenbaugh (1893 - 1979)

 Born in Wayside, Kansas, resided and died in Copan, Oklahoma.

George E. Defenbaugh (1921 - )

 Born and raised in Copan, Oklahoma. Now residing in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

George E. Defenbaugh Jr. (1951 - )

 Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now residing in Houston, Texas.